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Sunday, July 7, 2013

DIY Lanvin Dress with eyelets and elastic rope

Lanvin Original Spring 2008 RTW

My homage to this Lanvin by the brilliant Alber.   (Since I cannot afford or fit into.....nor do I have access to the original beauty.)   Mine's a bit different with grosgrain backing the eyelets and elastic cording etc on the shoulder seams too.  Mine has pockets and accommodates a grande size dame like moiself.
I used a semi sheer poly knit in actually has a subtle paisley pattern not very obvious due to my use of flash.   I cut two 43'' rectangles from 54'' wide fabric.    The back is sewn with the fabric
doubled in half on the width.  For the front, I separated the doubled fabric and sewed up the center leaving several inches for the center ''v'' neck.   Then I gathered the front two sections and attached them to the back section, leaving a few inches for the neck opening ( I just tried it on during the sewing process).   I then layed the elastic cording by the gathered front shoulder  (back sections at shoulders are not gathered during the sewing process) and sewed a narrow seam.  Once sewn, pull
the elastic taut and keep in place with the sport end caps (or whatever they are called).   I got my
antiqued/gold bronze and similar color eyelets from ebay.   The grosgrain was from stock and my
fab navy fabric is from our  fabulous fabric store  SR HARRIS in greater Minneapolis.   Fabric at
SR HARRIS comes from NY and Italy and worldwide: all fabric is 50% off.  It is an AMAZING store....leathers, furs, trims, etc., etc.   

If I were to make this again (and I intend to)  I would narrow down the front sections that I used. 
Still the look is's comfy and a quick sew.  I left the edges raw and put them on the outside.   Oh, I added side pockets too since I don't like
to carry a bag.   I'm real pleased with the outcome.   All hail Albert!!!

Please check back as I intend to blog some things I make/sew.   


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