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Friday, August 28, 2009


You know how lots of blogs show pictures of acquisitions? Like thrift scores and must have items for home or body? I'm planning to photo blog (PLOG?) things I'm letting go, as it's time to remake my home.....I need to make space. I'm sick of the excess. I've done this before, partially anyway. But the stuff has come back.....I've bought the junk back. (It's a sickness I know----) Mostly clothes. Five sizes of shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets coats (I've gained 10# a year for almost 10 yrs.) One elastic waisted silk skirt. Scarves, sewing patterns. Fabric. Crystals. Labels (yes, labels from clothes). Spools of thread. More needles than I can use in 10 lifetimes. These are small things but in abundance. Garlands. Miscellany. Magazines by the boatload. A whole room full of mounds of this stuff. I've already donated 40 black garbage bags to Goodwill. I've put freebies out on the curb: a mannequin, dinnerware, an oval wooden dining set with 6 chairs. A silk pillow (brand new). Sunglasses by D&G. Calvin Klein black sparkle sequin top NWT.
Emancipation commences. Stay tuned.

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